Summary of Benefits

The costs of attracting and enrolling domestic students continues to rise in an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace.  In addition, proprietary higher education institutions in the US face increased pressure of meeting 90/10 financial aid requirements. 

International students offer institutions an opportunity to increase both student and revenue diversity.  On average, only 3.5% of US campus enrollments are international students (compared with 17% in the UK and 22% in Australia).  NAFSA predicts that global student mobility will more than double by 2025 to over 7 million students annually.   EFA is positioned to assist US institutions develop or enhance their international market strategy to take full advantage of this growth opportunity.   

Education for Advancement can offer your institution a risk-free access to global markets without any upfront investment.  We have developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of international student enrollment through the successful placement of thousands of students onto campus and online programs.  Our business model is supported by a high quality international agent network which spans across Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Europe.  All our agents are required to complete a detailed pre-screening and onboarding process.  Upon completion of this process they are trained, managed and quality assured by our team.  We work closely with our agency partners to ensure only candidates of the highest quality are submitted for approval. 

We continue to seek partnership with higher education institutions to grow our portfolio of locations and programs as we seek to fully meet market demands and student needs.    The benefits of selecting EFA as your provider for international recruitment include:

  • No up-front fees required (our model is based on revenue share)
  • Immediate access to over fifty international markets
  • Access to a trusted partner with a solid reputation and track record for providing international students
  • As a US-based business, we fully understand the higher education industry and regulatory environment
  • We fully manage the admissions and visa processes to ensure that you receive students of the highest quality in the most efficient way.