Summary of Benefits

Education for Advancement is a leading provider of international student enrollment services for the higher education industry.  We have successfully placed thousands of international students in a wide range of academic and professional qualifications that met their budget and educational needs.

We work with leading accredited universities to offer study options which can be pursued on a university campus, online or a combination of both. 

There are a number of great benefits associated with selecting a program of study with EFA including:

  • Access to a portfolio of over 400 courses
  • Discounted tuition rates and access to scholarships
  • Free pre-enrollment counselling
  • F1 visa preparation training and counselling
  • Pre-arrival cultural and study preparation support
  • Arrival on campus support


Campus Studies

Studying on a university campus provides international students with both the opportunity to earn a prestigious qualification and to experience a different culture.  We offer students access to a wide variety of options in the USA and UK.  We are committed to placing students into programs which best suit their needs and budget.  Our Enrollment Counselors will be on hand to walk you through all the steps until you arrive for your first classes.  Use our Course Finder tool to start identifying the right study options that match your needs and budget.

Online Studies

Advances in technology have made access to global education easier for international students.  Online learning is now extremely popular with over six million students participating in the USA alone.  For international students, it can prove a much more cost-effective way to earn a recognized qualification.   We offer a wide variety of online qualifications from fully accredited universities.  You can access programs from high school through to graduate level in a range of subject areas.  All programs are fully  online so that you can complete a program without the need to travel overseas.   You will obtain the exact same qualification as campus students.  Use our Course Finder tool to start identifying the right online study options that conveniently match your needs and budget.