Earning an internationally recognized qualification from an accredited US university can pay dividends over your career.  However, the up-front investment for international students can be significant. Cost is not only tuition fees, but travel, accommodation and general living expenses can run into tens of thousands each year. At EFA, we appreciate the enormous effort and sacrifice international students make to pursue their personal and professional ambitions. Our mission is to make international education as accessible as possible, so in conjunction with our university partners we have introduced a range of high-value scholarships to help ease the burden for our students.

Scholarships of up to US $30,000 (US) are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate study options in areas including business, healthcare, nursing, education and IT. To qualify, candidates must meet the admissions policy of the university and submit their application through EFA. Tameka Gibson, Admissions Manager at EFA commented “we are delighted that through our scholarships we can help more international students pursue their dream of studying in the USA. We are always looking to help students where possible, and what better way is there than reducing the financial burden." For more information on scholarships contact